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Sunday Hangover Cure by Charlie Ward
March 22, 2009, 2:59 pm
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So… Yes… To those of you who are upset about the lack of posts for some time…(the 2-3 of you who actually read this) sorry. Things have been crazy on my end with school and all, and I am sure the other guys have been crazy busy too.

Anyway, until I have something great to post about, I just thought I would post up a little mix of some things I have been listening to lately that you might enjoy.

so here is a little sunday mix or call it a hang over cure:

broken social scene live at radio aligre fm in paris -baby youre in luck

Department of Eagles – Teenagers
Hockey Night – For Guy’s Eyes Only

Daedelus -fair weather friends
woody guthrie and lead belly – I aint got no home in this word anymore
Thelonious Monk – You took the words right out of my heart

Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms

First Communion After Party – The Ebb

I know it is random but I hope you enjoy these tracks




you can find all of these wonderful tracks for purchase and download at


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that Hockey Night track is a jam fo sho. love that album.

Comment by Allie Riley

Hey remember seeing Daedelus in London? Feckin’ sweet–Good times. Keep the posts coming!

Comment by Heidi

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