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Group Bombino, “Guitars from Agadez Vol. II” by Chris M
February 23, 2009, 9:03 pm
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The Sublime Frequencies description:

Group Bombino is the latest salvo from the Agadez music scene. Led by the guitar virtuoso Omara Mochtar (Bombino), the group’s debut LP– Volume two in the Guitars from Agadez series, represents the latest chapter in the modern sound of the Tuareg revolution. As of 2008, the Tuareg rebellion is in full force again, and Bombino is in exile to parts unknown. Agadez has been cut off from the rest of Niger. The only road that connects this legendary city with the rest of the country is littered with land mines and the only escorts are the military. This music and its messages of hope, justice, and desire for validation of the Kel Tamachek way of life ring louder than ever. Group Bombino are gaining mythic status in and around the Tuareg community for their incendiary live performances. Coming from the same scene as Group Inerane and sharing some of the same musicians, Group Bombino showcase both sides of the Tuareg Guitar style. Side one features the “Dry Guitar” sound, an unplugged selection of songs sung among the dunes and stars of the Tenere desert. Side two showcases the electric fury of the full band, a melding of heavy, psychedelic guitar heroics with a raw garage sound, back beat percussion, all swirling in extended trance rock moves. Recorded live and unfiltered in Agadez and the surrounding desert in early 2007, with the band’s equipment powered by generators and an unflinching dedication to the rebellion, Group Bombino’s music transcends any influence and ignites the raw passion of its message to the outside world. This is a one-time pressing of 1,500 copies. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold full color jacket stocked with great photos of the musicians and liner notes by Hisham Mayet.

This is a pretty amazing set of music. There are two similar installments: Group Inerane “Guitars from Agadez Vol. I” and Group Doueh, “Guitar Music From the Western Sahara”.

For those not familiar with the Sublime Frequencies label, they’re like a modern version of the Folkways label, known for releasing music from just about every corner of the world (Eskimo folk music, Middle Eastern Russian folk music, early electronic recordings, to the very first American folk and country music recordings, etc.).

Check out “Boghassa,” its a very raw and danceable grooving track. Would fit in nicely with you LCD Soundsystem and !!!(Chk Chk Chk) fans I’d think.

Group Bombino, “Boghassa”


New Wilco DVD by Charlie Ward
February 22, 2009, 6:20 pm
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We all can get really excited for the new live Wilco DVD called “Ashes of American Flags” set to release April 18th via Nonesuch Records.

I love this band so much it hurts.

More information about the film is available at



School of Seven Bells, “Alpinisms” by Chris M
February 20, 2009, 2:23 pm
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School of Seven Bells is comprised of the Deheza sisters, Alejandra and Claudia (On!Air!Library!) known for their wonderful singing as well as Benjamin Curtis (The Secret Machines). Towards the end of 2008 they released a nice album entitled Alpinisms on the Ghostly label (Dabrye, Michna, etc.). The name is derived from “a mythical South American pickpocket academy that may or may not have existed in the 80s” according to SVIIB’s Ghostly bio. Interesting, and for that “the idea of seven minds working as one appealed” to Alejandra which in turn led to a serious collaboration between the Deheza’s and Curtis. “Iamundernodisguise” is the lead single from Alpinisms and a remix of the track was featured on Prefuse 73’s 2007 release “Preparations” and a lead single as well (yes, a lot of Scott Herren/P73 info this week). For those not familiar with the Deheza style of singing, their vocals are bounced back and forth in a ping-pong sort of way creating beautiful melody and rhythm. The end result is a psychedelic-pop shoegaze sound full of warmth and energy.

School of Seven Bells, “Iamundernodisguise”


Diamond Watch Wrists by Chris M
February 19, 2009, 7:31 pm
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Diamond Watch Wrists
Diamond Watch Wrists is a new project from Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath y Savalas + 1000 other names) and Zach Hill (drummer for Hella) announced in mid 2008. According to the Facebook page for Diamond Watch Wrists, Scott Herren “plays the instruments and sings the songs” while Zach Hill “plays the drums.”

As many know, GSH is a prolific musician and records under many different names past, present and future. His most popular being Prefuse 73 and Savath y Savalas. Upon hearing the recordings, Diamond Watch Wrists reminds me of A Cloud Mireya, the collaboration between Scott Herren and Claudia Deheza (School of Seven Bells, On!Air!Library!) but with Scott singing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Savath y Savalas old and new, but it is nice to hear Scott sing in English over the A Cloud Mireya-like melodies. Check the myspace to hear.

Diamond Watch Wrists is set to drop May 5th on Warp. Hopefully.

And hopefully we get see a release and hear more from Risil, another new project from GSH collaborating with members of School of Seven Bells, Pivot, Sunn O))), Hella and others. Sounds dope!


Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics by Chris M
February 18, 2009, 10:15 am
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And here it is finally! More details and album art for the upcoming Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics release, “Inspiration Information” being released on Strut Records. Mulatu Astatke’s music is Ethiopian Jazz, a form of music from Ethiopia based on a 5-tone scale as opposed to Western music that is based on a 12-tone scale. Here we have Mulatu Astatke and The Heliocentrics bridging the gap between Ethio-Jazz and Western rhythms creating a new take on the psychedelic jazz/funk/latin influenced sound. I can’t describe how exciting it is to hear one of the unknown greats recording new music with a group of artists that are not only disciples of Mulatu’s music, but well versed in the many rhythmic forms of jazz and funk from all over the world. I wish I could post up the advance release (it’s amazing), but instead only one track. Enjoy.

01. Masengo
02. Cha Cha
03. Addis Black Widow
04. Mulatu
05. Blue Nile
06. Esketa Dance download
07. Chik Chikka
08. Live From Tigre Lounge
09. Chinese New Year
10. Phantom Of The Panther
11. Dewel
12. Fire In The Zoo
13. An Epic Story
14. Anglo Ethio Suite


Spirit of Apollo by J. Emerson-Kramer
February 17, 2009, 12:42 am
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What do David Byrne, Blackalicious, Chuck D, Tom Waits, KRS-One and The RZA all have in common? They’re all guesting on the new album by N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A. stands for North America South America and is made up of two DJs (one from each of the Americas, go figure).

They’re gearin’ up for a tour of the States in support of the album, which drops today. They’ll be in the Twin Cities at the Triple Rock, March 6th.

All in all, this album has solid spots and pretty sick beats. The appearances don’t feel forced and it has a good flow. I’m also really impressed with the range of influences and styles present, but with the guests I guess I can’t be too surprised.

Peep a couple tracks from The Spirit Of Apollo
N.A.S.A. – Way Down (feat. RZA, Barbie Hatch & John Frusciante)

N.A.S.A. – Money (feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip)

Buy The Spirit Of Apollo from Amazon

New GRIZZLY BEAR + PREFUSE 73 in early ’09 by Chris M
February 16, 2009, 9:03 pm
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April 14
Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian:

01 Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Smiles
02 Hairy Faces (Stress)
03 Parachute Panador
04 NoNo
05 Punish
06 Half Up Front
07 Sexual Fantasy Scale
08 DEC. Machine Funk All ERA’s
09 Get Em High
10 Ampexian Tribe of a Lesser Time
11 When Is a Good Time?
12 Fountains of Spring
13 Whipcream Eyepatch
14 Regalo
15 Rubber Stems
16 Oh Is It
17 Four Reels Collide
18 Fringertip Trajectories
19 Violent Bathroom Exchange
20 Natures Uplifting Revenge
21 Yuletide
22 Simple Loop Choir
23 No Lights Still Rock [feat. Dimlite]
24 Gaslamp Killer Feedback Text
25 Digan Lo
26 Preparation’s Kids Choir
27 Pitch Pipe
28 Periodic Measurements of Infrequent Frowns
29 Formal Dedications

Thug Life
May 26

01 Southern Point
02 Two Weeks
03 All We Ask
04 Fine for Now
05 Cheerleader
06 Dory
07 Ready, Able
08 About Face
09 Hold Still
10 While You Wait for the Others
11 I Live With You
12 Foreground

Here’s a couple of harder to obtain tracks:

Prefuse 73, “Untitled Women” from Stop Smiling magazine split 7″ w/ The Books

Grizzly Bear, “Easier” (Alternate Edit) from the “Knife” 7″

The cover art for both is rad!

Linda Perhacs, “Parallelograms” [Kapp, 1970] by Chris M
February 16, 2009, 8:37 pm
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Linda Perhacs
Linda Perhacs
Parallelograms is an amazing album. I first heard about her through record collecting friends. It is the one and only release that Linda Perhacs put out and a very obscure one at that. Obscurity doesn’t automatically make a musician, band, or artist cool. It is the quality of the artful sound that is being produced. Linda’s music is categorized as psychedelic folk. Bits of 60s-era psychedelic electronics can be heard through out over her light acoustic guitar and nice bass-lines creating day dreaming songs. Parallelograms is real introspective and personal record, its very easy to zone out to. Since the reissue of Parallelograms, she’s collaborated with Devendra Banhart on the track “Freely” (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon). She’s apparently working on new material although there hasn’t been any news regarding that matter. And I kick myself for never purchasing an original copy of Parallelograms that I saw on a wall at a record store that shall remain anonymous.

Check the comments for a download link.


Windmills on Northern Outpost by J. Emerson-Kramer
February 16, 2009, 12:30 am
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Windmills is the latest band to play an episode of Northern Outpost. Check out the interview and the studio session of Build A Heart here.

Check out more of Windmills at their Myspace

From Leave You Go, Let Me Be
Windmills – Safe

Death Cab Make a Stand by J. Emerson-Kramer
February 13, 2009, 9:54 am
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Death Cab For Cutie have taken a hard line in music against…the autotune. I for one am wholeheartedly behind this campaign.
Read about it here