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Ni Hao Y’all by ulyssesdestructo
August 30, 2010, 3:12 am
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What it do folks?  This here’s your new Asian correspondent/new best friend Ben coming at you with some music to pleasure your ear holes.  Even better, that music is free to you.  I’m not entirely sure what my whole purpose on this here weblog of tunes is all about, but I’m going to use it as an opportunity to share some music with you (the reader).  I’ve been putting together a podcast for the better part of 3 years now and have been using it mostly as a gift for those who chose to read my other blog (about my travels abroad), but since I haven’t updated that jawn for nearly a year I figure my talents could be put to better use here.

The premise of the podcast is this: music I like and hope that you (the reader) will like also.  They tend to be fairly eclectic, but that’s mostly the point.  I want you to listen and hear things that you enjoy, maybe things that you’ve already heard and enjoy hearing again, and perhaps you’ll hear something new that you love and can’t get enough of and just fucking need to hear over and over and over and over again.  Sometimes the music is new, other times it’s very old, mostly it just tends to be whatever I’ve been listening to lately and thought would fit well on the mix.

Now, I’m not entirely up to par on copy write law, so until I hear what’s kosher from my rowdy-friend counter part Jon, I’m going to leave the track list unposted.  If’n you want to know what’s on the mix I’m sure there’s some cool way that wordpress has come up with to contact the poster (me) and ask for the track list.  Ask and ye shall receive.

The theme of this first podcast is: Songs-I’ve-Been-Listening-To-This-Summer.  I suppose I’ll let you know that it’s mostly new(ish) music with tracks from the likes of Arcade Fire, Alpha Consumer (more on them later), Wavves, Four Tet, The Bloody Beatroots, Kings Go Forth, Orgone, Edward Sharp & Co, & Fashawn.  It also features older music from Pharoah Monch, Common, Ennio Morricone, Soul Position, & Joe Thomas.  Lastly (and most awesomely) I threw in some jams that a friend of mine (B Golle) has helped throw together for shits in the last year: ‘Phil Spector Shot a Bitch’ & ‘RIP James Brown (Money vs. Soul)’ upon which yours truly contributed drums & horns.  It’s possible I’ll put that one up later for individual download.

So for now, Hi!  Thanks for reading!  Here’s the podcast!  Enjoy it! (or else).

PODCAST: Made In China Vol. 24

PS You may have noticed that it starts on Vol 24.  That’s because I’ve made 24 of them already, and I don’t feel like renumbering them.  Deal with it.


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