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Linda Perhacs, “Parallelograms” [Kapp, 1970] by Chris M
February 16, 2009, 8:37 pm
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Linda Perhacs
Linda Perhacs
Parallelograms is an amazing album. I first heard about her through record collecting friends. It is the one and only release that Linda Perhacs put out and a very obscure one at that. Obscurity doesn’t automatically make a musician, band, or artist cool. It is the quality of the artful sound that is being produced. Linda’s music is categorized as psychedelic folk. Bits of 60s-era psychedelic electronics can be heard through out over her light acoustic guitar and nice bass-lines creating day dreaming songs. Parallelograms is real introspective and personal record, its very easy to zone out to. Since the reissue of Parallelograms, she’s collaborated with Devendra Banhart on the track “Freely” (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon). She’s apparently working on new material although there hasn’t been any news regarding that matter. And I kick myself for never purchasing an original copy of Parallelograms that I saw on a wall at a record store that shall remain anonymous.

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