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Death Cab Make a Stand by J. Emerson-Kramer
February 13, 2009, 9:54 am
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Death Cab For Cutie have taken a hard line in music against…the autotune. I for one am wholeheartedly behind this campaign.
Read about it here


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Boo fucking hoo. Way to go Ben Gibbard, where was this hard line art-for-art’s-sake stance of yours before you released Narrow Stairs (possibly the most egregiously “pop” album to come out 2008 except 808/Heartbreak)?

Death Cab Sucks and has sucked pretty thoroughly since they got play on the OC.

Comment by Jacob

It is nice to hear your opinion on Death Cab, but that post was not about the awesomeness of the band itself, rather, it was more about how the autotuner has been bastardized and abused in contemporary pop music if I am correct..

Comment by Charlie Ward

Well yeah, but I’m saying they don’t have a broken leg to stand on.

Comment by Jacob

fair enough.

Comment by Charlie Ward

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