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Timeless: Mulatu Astatke, Arthur Verocai, David Axelrod by Chris M
February 2, 2009, 9:33 am
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Mulatu Astatke
Carlos Nino
Arthur Verocai
David Axelrod

Composer/Arrangers are the antecedents of the beat makers of today. Their processes whether it be stripping down a classic cover or creating a new genre of music mirror most closely the types of minds that make contemporary beat oriented music. “Timeless” is a forward thinking review and homage to the arranger/composers that have influenced hip-hop in the heaviest and most profound ways. Representing a true international blend of music from Brazil, Ethiopia, Detroit and Los Angeles. Each composer/arranger that we have scheduled is a King of their respective court.

– Encourage the appreciation of many forms of music from a multi-generational
perspective with an emphasis on the practices of the present.
– Create a yearly Composer/Arranger Series in Los Angeles.
– Provide affordable musical experiences.

Each show will be a very specific presentation of music based around the career of each of the Composers. Each composer will do a set of their all time hits and a new piece. Each dj/producer will build a set around the legacy and era of each composer.

Why do I have to live in Iowa? I am seriously considering flying out to L.A. to see the great Brazilian composer Arthur Verocai using a friend’s air travel discount.

L.A.’s Mochilla and ArtDontSleep are working in conjunction with VTech phones to put on once in a lifetime music events. Words cannot describe how great an opportunity this is for those familiar with Mulatu Astatke, Arthur Verocai and David Axelrod. Each composer/arranger will perform their much acclaimed work from early releases as well as new compositions. Let’s not forget Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson who will perform orchestral renditions of the late great hip hop producer, Jay Dee aka J Dilla. This one is strictly for the heads. More info here.

Mulatu Astatke, “Mascaram Sebata” taken from Mulatu of Ethiopia

Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, “Nag Champa” taken from ArtDontSleep presents: From L.A. With Love compilation

Arthur Verocai, “Caboclo” taken from Arthur Verocai’s self-titled release

David Axelrod, “Holy Thursday” taken from Songs of Innocence



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