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Introducing…Charlie by Charlie Ward
January 29, 2009, 3:31 pm
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For those of you who may or may not know me, my name is Charlie and I will be posting here along with Chris and Jon. I’m excited to share my music tastes with everyone who happens to read this blog. For a long time now people having been asking me “How do you learn about all of this new music?” My response is typically blogs. Now I will be posting all the music that I love and learn about, in hopes of turning some ears onto some new music or reminding you all of some bands that should not have been forgotten.

I think its a good idea to make a mix now, a “get to know your blogger” mix if you will. enjoy.

Vetiver – Houses

Off the “Things of the Past” record by Vetiver, this cover (originally done by Elyse Weinber) makes me both nostalgic and cheery at the same time (also a bit weak in the knees..)

Man Man – Easy Eats or Dirty Doctor Galapagos

I love this band. Truthfully, I did not fully come to understand it until I witnessed a live performance. These guys KILL IT live. They have unmatched sound and energy loaded with theatrics. They’re a group of crazy motherfuckers who do not take themselves too seriously but know how to rock. Sometimes I feel like a quick way to describe them would be a more poppy Tom Waits on acid…but that still does not work for me. Just Listen.

Alpha Consumer – Unicorn Uniform

Theres nothing like some raw rock n roll music. . The  members of this trio are very talented and also part of some other great projects  such as Andrew Bird and Happy Apple just to name a few. go to the Alpha Consumer website here

Soul Coughing – Is Chicago Is Not Chicago

This nineties group found its sucess with a lyrical jazzy alternative sound based in a wide array of styles. It all sounds so different and it has such an original feel. Also some of Mike Doughty’s solo stuff is worthy of picking up as well. See his album Skittish/Rockity Roll.

Dimlite – Back to the universe pt 1

Dimitri Grimm makes music that is hard to really define by any sort of pre-existing artist or genre. Typically compared to his contemporaries like Scott Herron, his Dimlite project explores dark and spacey territories with terrific sounds and rhythms. I am honestly not as educated on this dude as Chris… so if you like this, pay attention to his posts.

David Bowie – Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me

I love David Bowie and I would totally rock n roll with him if given the opportunity.

Dr.Dog – My Old Ways

A great 1960s throw back but also so much more. I love the sound of this band and the music makes me so damn happy when I put it on. It sort of makes me think that The Beatles and The Beach Boys made a beautiful love child. website here

Jose Gonzalez – Abram

Jose has a truly haunting and gorgeous voice.

Please buy your music! and do so from EMUSIC


I will be back soon.


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