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Songs / Intro for Chris by Chris M
January 22, 2009, 6:09 pm
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My name is Chris. I’m hoping to expand some ears and create new listeners but also learn from Charlie and Jon.

Here are some rad songs:

Mike Slott, “Knock Knock”
Mike Slott’s “Knock Knock / My Lightbridge” 7” was among my top releases of ’08. I had it on repeat and still do. Expect “Knock Knock” to sound a bit off-kilter and wonky. Slott is someone to watch out for, he’s half of the Heralds of Change (w/ Hudson Mohawke) and has already released two 7”s in ’08 and plans for more solo releases. Check his myspace.

Mulatu Astatke, “Yegelle Tezeta”
Ahhhhhhh Mulatu Astatke. I can never get enough of this guy, he is the originator of Ethiopian Jazz and has influenced many Ethiopian musicians and those across the globe with his hypnotic take on Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Latin. His sound is unlike anyone else’s. With his music originally released in the late 60s and early 70s, and now being reissued in the ‘00s, a new fan base has been born. Nowadays Mulatu is performing once in a lifetime live shows with The Heliocentrics as his backing band. Check the Mulatu & The Heliocentrics, Live at Cargo, London

Crystal Antlers, “A Thousand Eyes”
Crystal Antlers was recommended to me by a friend. Their self-titled EP is amazing. Think psychedelic, prog, punk and garage. “A Thousand Eyes” sounds like it was recorded live in a cave. That’s a good thing. The psychedelic sounds echoes throughout the entire track as the singer yells and screams with great intensity. Not much else to say about this track other than I haven’t ever quit playing it or the EP. Check their myspace.

Mono/Poly, “Oil Fields”
Dope, dope track! Mono/Poly is a newer name in this new generation of future beats beatmakers. “Oil Fields” is a warm and melodic track that is very soothing for these below zero winter temperatures. Mono/Poly hails from L.A. and of course rides with fellow L.A. beatmakers Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Ras G, and Kutmah. You know what to expect. Check his myspace.

Fela Kuti, “Water No Get Enemy”
There are too many awesome Fela Kuti tracks, way too many. “Water No Get Enemy” is one of my favorites of his. The music itself is so happy, the lyrical content…not so much. However, Fela Kuti was a human rights activist and his music spoke for the people. Here’s a quote from his Wikipedia bio:

“In 1974 the police arrived with a search warrant and a cannabis joint, which they had intended to plant on Fela. He became wise to this and swallowed the joint. In response, the police took him into custody and waited to examine his feces. Fela enlisted the help of his prison mates and gave the police someone else’s feces, and Fela was freed. He then recounted this tale in his release Expensive Shit.”

“Expensive Shit” happens to be the release “Water No Get Enemy” is from.

Blank Blue, “Eyes Closed”
Blank Blue is a project between Nobody and Nikki Randa who met while working in the same record store. “Eyes Closed” comes from a quite slept on release in my opinion—“Western Water Music Vol. II.” It was one of my favorite releases of ’08. Its full of watery, warm, and psychedelic sounds. “Eyes Closed” was featured on Dublab’s “Future Roots” 12” containing such acts as Dimlite, Flying Lotus, and Daedelus. If you caught the Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory release “Tree Colored See”, you’d find the Blank Blue album quite welcome to your ears.

Dungen, “Familj”
Dungen is amazing no doubt. If you’re not familiar, they’re a Swedish psychedelic folk group headed by Gustav Ejstes who performs nearly all of the instruments on the recorded albums while members of group perform with him live. “Familj” is from the third album, “Tio Bitar” and is probably the standout track of the release. Check the video here.

Hudson Mohawke, “Overnight”
Hudson Mohawke is half of the Heralds of Change (w/ Mike Slott) and part of the new movement of future beats. He creates slanted and off kilter tracks with bubbling wonky basslines. “Overnight” happens to be the last track on “Hudson’s Heeters,” the beat tape that started it all for Hud Mo a few years back. Look out for Polyfolk Dance thats dropping in the next few days.


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